Martin Thrill Series

Martin THRILL line of products are designed to provide professional lighting and atmospheric effects to musicians, DJs, and enthusiasts who want to bring a new level of polish and excitement to their performances and events. This series includes:
1. Mini Profile: a compact LED moving head with super sharp optics, superior output, and a color wheel offering 8 colors plus white and gobo effects.

2. Multi-FX LED: a 3-in- 1 LED light fixture with laser, strobe, and rotating colored light effects.

3. SlimPAR Mini LED and SlimPAR 64 LED: bright and powerful LED PAR cans, the most common style of fixture used for stage-, wash- and up-lighting.

4. Vertical Fogger: a fog machine capable of producing 25-feet high plumes of fog that simulate “cyro” effects complimented with LED lights for stunning effects.